Liposuction may lead to healthier cholesterol levels

Updated: 2011-09-23 08:05:42 CST Category: Heart Health and Cholesterol

Liposuction may lead to healthier cholesterol levels


Liposuction may have more than just cosmetic benefits, as a new study has found that the procedure may improve individual’s cholesterol test scores. The findings suggest that the procedure may have some value for patients who have dangerously high cholesterol levels.
For the study, researchers measured the cholesterol levels of more than 300 patients who were about to undergo liposuction procedures. They found that triglyceride levels dropped following the procedure by about 43 percent among those who had the unhealthiest cholesterol.
"These findings suggest that patients who are considering liposuction who have at-risk triglyceride levels may reduce their risk of developing these serious health problems, while correcting body disproportions," said Dr. Eric Swanson, who led the investigation. "Patients not only look better, but may be healthier too."
He added that the findings make sense, as high levels of visceral fat, the kind that accumulates in the abdomen and is removed by liposuction, has been connected to heart disease risk.
High triglyceride levels can be a major health concern. They have been associated with an increased risk of suffering a cardiovascular event like a heart attack or stroke.ADNFCR-2248-ID-800602862-ADNFCR



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