Smart Lipo Laser Liposuction Tackles the Beer Belly



Friday, February 04, 2011 8:48 AM

Get rid of lower belly fat with Smart Lipo – enjoy quicker recovery and avoid a tummy tuck.

With the Superbowl coming up this weekend, beer bellies are on the mind. It’s important to find out though just what kind of fat is in that beer belly, and the question is whether or not you can pinch it. As The Doctors describe today, if you can pinch the fat, it’s what’s known as subcutaneous fat, meaning it sits just under the skin. If you can’t pinch it however, it’s likely visceral fat, the dangerous stuff that sits in between your organs and can cause serious health problems. For visceral fat, your best bet is to get on a proper diet and exercise program, and some research has shown foods with monounsaturated fats to be effective in helping get rid of that belly fat.

For those who can pinch the fat, it’s most likely just under the skin, and can often be nearly impossible to exercise away. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try and eat right and get our exercise in, nothing gets rid of that lower belly pooch. Luckily, there are now cosmetic solutions available to help you say goodbye to the belly without having a serious surgical procedure that requires days to heal. Laser lipo with Smart Lipo is consistently a top choice amongst patients and physicians, and it can even be used on areas other than the belly.


Since it was first FDA approved 5 years ago, SmartLipo has risen to be the gold standard of laser liposuction and has expanded to include a family of products. SmartLipo Triplex is a new addition to the SmartLipo brand and it differs from previous devices by offering three distinct wavelengths to melt fat and tighten skin.

Laser lipo is different from traditional liposuction because it melts the fat before it is removed. This melted fat is more easily suctioned away than in standard liposuction. The laser is also believed to stimulate collagen growth so that after the fat is removed, the skin is tightened and often times, patients can avoid having a second procedure to remove loose skin. The Triplex device offers a wavelength targeted to tighten the skin.

Bay Area plastic surgeon Dr. Joel Beck uses the Triplex and says that it’s a great option for patients who want to avoid tummy tuck, but does note that the patients shouldn’t have the common muscle separation known as diastasis recti. He says, “I have found that the Smart Lipo Triplex is able to accomplish things that I would not ordinarily even attempt to perform lipo on. I used to go right in and do a tummy tuck, now with this technique, you can go in and remove the fat and help tighten the skin with the machine so that the end result would be a nice aesthetic result from just doing Smart Lipo rather than a tummy tuck.” He says that the Triplex helps avoid scarring as well. “A lot of people who are afraid of having an enlarged scar would benefit from this method. It still won’t replace the tummy tuck, but it certainly broadens your patients’ selection for liposuction.”

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