2012 American Cancer Society Estimates Prompt Article on Mammogram, Breast Implants

Published 11:02 a.m., Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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With the ACS estimating that nearly 40K women will die from breast cancer in 2012, ImplantInfo.com finds it timely to share mammogram information with breast implant consumers.

Park City, Utah (PRWEB) March 07, 2012

(March 6, 2012) – The American Cancer Society recently updated key statistics related to breast cancer, estimating that 39,510 women will die from breast cancer in 2012. In response, ImplantInfo.com has published a new, online article about the importance of mammogram screening as it relates to breast implant consumers.

“Breast cancer poses an alarming risk to all women’s health,” says Shawn Miele for ImplantInfo.com. “Feeling more feminine shouldn’t stop them from being healthy. Whether a woman already has breast implants or plans to get them, she should know why mammograms matter and how to get the most out of them. It’s that simple.”

Women with breast implants can get the best mammogram possible, he says, by:

‧ Asking their plastic surgeons for referrals
‧ Verifying mammogram staff training and certification
‧ Explaining, ahead of time, that they have breast implants
‧ Asking to work with technicians who are familiar with breast implants
‧ Reminding technicians about their implants when they arrive for screening

“The FDA and National Cancer Institute both cite mammograms as the most common and effective way to detect breast cancer and save lives – along with breast tissue.”

The ImplantInfo.com article is aimed directly at women who have had breast augmentation. It begins by explaining what a mammogram is, when it is necessary and what should be done if changes in the breasts are detected between screenings.

Perhaps more importantly, it details a number of ways women with breast implants can ensure that they get the most effective care possible – to make detecting abnormalities or subtle changes which may sometimes be masked by implants more difficult.

“If an X-ray technician has the proper training and experience,” adds Miele, “working with breast implants will not be an issue.”

“Our readers and other plastic surgery consumers should be armed with the information necessary to walk away from a mammogram confidently. Ask any woman and you’ll quickly find out that the process itself can be pretty daunting. We’re doing our part to make it less stressful – and more successful – for them.”

According to Miele, multiple factors impact the effectiveness of the breast implant mammogram process. They include implant placement, the X-ray or digital mammogram technique that is used and X-ray technician training and expertise.

Consumers can read the full article online at ImplantInfo.com. Once there, they can also search for additional information about breast implants and breast augmentation or locate board-certified plastic surgeons in their area.


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