Coulby Newham woman fights for breast reduction on NHS

Evening Gazette Sep 7 2011

by Sarah Judd

A MIDDLESBROUGH woman who admits her HH bust line makes her suicidal is still fighting for a breast reduction after 25 years of hell.

Kerrie Jewell, from Coulby Newham, has been battling to get the gruelling surgery on the NHS since 1986.

During that time, Kerrie, 41, has been bullied by youths, contemplated slashing her wrists, suffered crippling back, shoulder and leg pain and endured unsightly sores and abscesses.

Kerrie, who is on disability, also has to shell out £50 for bespoke bras.

However, despite claiming she has complied with doctors’ orders to lose weight before being considered for the procedure, Kerrie is still waiting to be referred to a plastic surgeon.

Meanwhile, she is left to put up with the constant agony and embarrassment caused by her 40HH bust.

Kerrie, who says the love of her husband Craig and her two pet cats are the only things preventing her committing suicide, said: “I’m still suffering with my back and shoulders and stooping. It affects my legs as well. I had to lose four stones and I’ve lost that easily. They keep telling me to lose more weight moving the goal posts further and further.”

This summer, Kerrie has been to James Cook University Hospital twice with abscesses under her bust.

“I got referred for a mammogram, which came back clear,” she said.

“After my mammogram, I went straight round my neighbour, Carol’s house crying my eyes out, it was so painful. I’m still red underneath my bust as well. Sometimes it stings when I get in the shower.”

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