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breast implants overseasSeeing that medical tourism is a huge breakthrough across border lines, precipitated by medical advancement, faster communication technology and easier globe-trotting transportation, Thailand is now introducing itself as the hottest destination in South East Asia for medical tourism.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, is an online cosmetic surgery consultant focusing on helping overseas patients who are interested in having cosmetic surgery in Thailand (Bangkok and Phuket) to find hospitals, surgeons and procedures that suit them the most. does not only provide information and assistance on cosmetic surgery but also on LASIK, dental treatment and health check-up.

According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation has ranked number one plastic surgery procedure since the year 2000. Even though breast implant surgery becomes very common for today’s women, every surgery involves risks so we’d say in-depth research is indispensable.

It is their job to provide necessary details at your disposal to help you making the right decision. With 24-hour access to, they’ll be blogging updated articles on plastic surgery around the world, providing information on breast augmentation, partnered hospitals and surgeons as well as responding to clients’ questions and inquiries online. For a more personalized approach, your case can be referred to one of the surgeons (who actually will be the one who perform the surgery for you) for an online assessment if you are suitable for the surgery and how the outcome is likely to be.

There are also certain things to keep in mind when considering having breast implants in order to minimize risks of complication which are age, size of implants, type of implants, implant placement and incision.

It is important that you are older than 18 years old to make sure that your breasts are fully developed. Also, ladies who plan to have babies should wait until 6 months after lactation is finished before going for a consultation, this is because your breasts shape will change after pregnancy, it also affects breasts that already have implants in as well. Sizes are difficult to tell unless it’s in face-to-face consultation. Each woman has different amount of breast tissue and even though they have the same implant size, the outcome individually varies. Also, the bigger the size, the higher the price will be.

For types of implants, there are several fillers and textures that are worth considering. First, fillers, implants are either saline- (sterilized salt water) or silicone gel-filled. The latter is softer to touch and firmer which can be determined by how strongly the molecules in the silicone gel hold themselves together. Silicone gel implants are already filled before being implanted while saline-filled implants are inserted empty, saline is then filled afterwards when placed inside the breasts. Different types of implants depend on your desired outcome and body type. Furthermore, implants can be categorized by two different types of texture: smooth and textured. Textured ones seem more popular for it’s said that they are less risky for getting capsular contracture.

Implants placement is another key part of your surgery, again, depending on your breast shape and expectation. Over-muscle implant placement is good if you have some amount of breast tissue so the edge of implants is not as obvious. Affecting only fat and skin, insertion of larger implants are possible and it poses less discomfort and faster recovery as well. On the other hand, result from under-muscle implant placement is more natural-looking, especially with flat-chested women and it’s also said that there is less risk of getting capsular contracture as well. This is not recommended for saggy breasts as it’ll result in ‘double contour’. But the downside is slower recovery time, more painful than over-muscle one.

Last, incisions of implants insertion vary from under armpits, through nipples, from under breast crease to up from belly button. Among these choices, the most popular one is ‘under the armpits’ due to scar’s invisibility.

Usually breast augmentation surgery requires only 1 night hospitalization and 1 week recovery. You may be able to walk around a few days post-op, it is also beneficial to your blood circulation. The surgeon will make an appointment a week after the surgery for follow-up check-up, remove stitches and instruct you how to massage the breasts to avoid capsular contracture. Basic Don’ts to avoid complication are to keep the incision dry and no heavy lifting or any activity that put strain on the breasts.

All-in-all, breasts augmentation can make breasts fuller and bigger but it is not designed to lift up saggy breasts. Strictly follow the surgeon’s advice and massage the breasts regularly will surely keep complications at bay.

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