Dr Roger Amar FAMI Stem Cell Face Lift

(PRWEB UK) 11 April 2012

Dr. Roger Amar Perfects His Facial Autografting Muscle Injection (FAMI) Process and Restores a Youthful Appearance


Stem Cell Face Lift

Dr Roger Amar


Renowned French plastic surgeon Dr. Roger Amar is the pioneer of the Facial Autografting Muscle Injection (FAMI) process. Dr. Amar has been using and perfecting this method of stem cell face lift surgery since 1997 and the procedure has been successfully performed on over 500 patients.

FAMI is an innovative procedure that uses the patient’s own living fatty connective tissue (adult stem cells) extracted through fat grafting. This tissue is injected into the patient’s face to restore the natural symmetry and fullness of the face that changes with age or disfiguring accident. Using the patient’s own fat cells also prevent the introduction of foreign bodies into system.

As we age, the youthful contours of the face become harsher and the edges and angles of the face become sharper. FAMI attacks this aging process by recreating the harmonious lines present in a youthful face and restoring the contours of the face. In the process, the nose seems smaller, the cheeks fuller and the lips fleshier. The entire face regains its normal harmonious proportions.

For years doctors have advocated the use of fat as a natural filler in cosmetic surgery, but what sets FAMI apart is the utilization of adult stem cells (from a living person, not from an embryo). These cells are injected into the facial muscles and after years of using this method it has been discovered that using stem cells prolongs the longevity of the fat graft, unlike the simple fat injection methods used in the 1980’s. Since he first began using the FAMI method in the late 1990’s, Dr. Amar has taught it to over 200 surgeons who travel to international conferences to learn the “Amar Technique.”

Facial FAMI is considered much safer than standard plastic surgery and can be used as a non surgical facelift. Whereas more traditional open surgeries risk damage to the nerves, arteries, veins and other facial structures, FAMI features non-invasive injections performed on an out-patient basis with minimal risk of complications. With the promise of taking years off of a face in less than three hours, with little or no risk of complication, it is no wonder the FAMI procedure has proven so popular.

Perhaps nothing else speaks to the effectiveness and popularity of the FAMI procedure more than the fact that an estimated 10-15% of all FAMI patients are doctors themselves. For anyone seeking the return to a more natural youthful face, FAMI is ideal.

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