LASIK eye surgery pact gives patients better understanding

Updated Wednesday, March 14, 2012 0:05 am TWN, The China Post news staff


The China Post news staff –The Ophthalmological Society of Taiwan has unveiled an updated version of the surgical operation agreement for patients seeking LASIK eye surgery, to help them better understand possible side effects and make more careful considerations in advance.

The laser-assisted surgery for vision correction procedures has caught wide public attention and concern as Ray Tsai, LASIK surgery pioneer in Taiwan, announced recently that he will no longer perform such operations on patients.

Hu Fang-rong, chairwoman of the Ophthalmological Society of Taiwan, said the new surgery agreement will give more useful information about the relatively new surgery, possible risks and side effects, and how patients can take better care of themselves after the completion of operations.

She said the new terms in the agreement were jointly drafted by members of the academic and research organization of eye doctors in Taiwan.

The new contents also remind patients of the dryness in the eyes and difficulties driving vehicles at night time.

The pact also tells patients seeking such surgery about certain syndromes that cannot be improved or cured for patients with serious nearsightedness so that they may avoid unnecessary operations with false hopes, said Hu.

Officials at the Department of Health said the more detailed agreement will help patients make the soundest possible choices when seeking LASIK eye surgery.

They said promoting transparency is among the best ways to avoid possible controversies and unnecessary risks beforehand.

Ray Tsai said the enhanced version of surgery agreement represents an improvement in the medical service, with positive effects of safeguarding patients’ rights and interests.

The number of patients planning to have such surgery has slid by 30 percent in Taiwan after controversies and side effects concerning the operation were reported by local media in the past month.

Medical institutions that see the biggest drop in patients are mostly those equipped with old instruments and those undercut medical bills in order to win more customers.

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