Top 10 Reasons Why Medical Tourism Is Popular

Medical Tourism dates back to the times when wealthy Europeans and Asians would travel within their continent or to other continents to seek health related treatments. But, of late, the trend has been popularized by Americans, Canadians, British and others who travel to far-off countries in search for low-cost high quality health care or for care that’s not readily available in their country.

Following are the top 10 reasons why people travel to far-flung developing countries for medical care:


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1.Incredible Savings:

The top on the list is savings. Depending upon your destination country and the cost of the procedure back home, expect to save at least 50%.

For example: A cardiac bypass surgery is estimated at well over $100,000 in the US. But in India, at a 5-star type hospital, you can have the same surgery for only $10,000. That’s 90% savings even after you have paid for your travel, accommodation and vacation for yourself and a companion.

2.No Wait-Lists:

Access to immediate service is what attracts those from countries that have public health care system towards medical tourism. A case at hand is that of a Canadian who suffered from chronic back pain for 16 years and was given medication to deal with it for all those years. Tired of the system and of the worsening pain, she went to India to get her spinal surgery. She now tells everyone how she got her life back by going to India.

3.Excellent Quality:

To demonstrate their commitment to quality many international providers choose to be accredited by organizations such as JCI, JCAHO and ISO or by their local accrediting organizations. Read testimonials by medical tourists who vouch for the high quality treatment they have received overseas.

4.World-Class Facilities:

International providers offer luxurious accommodation, private spacious rooms, and access to hospitality services 24 x 7. The facilities are immaculate and there are no infections that we so often hear about being present in UK hospitals.

5.Access to Latest Technology:

The technology and equipments used by them are the latest and the greatest. It’s not uncommon to see surgeons working with billion dollar robotic machines in operating rooms.

6.Surgeon Expertise:

Most surgeons catering to international patients have either been educated or have received professional training at top schools in the US, UK or in other countries in Europe. They have colleagues in the US, UK and elsewhere, so it should not come as a surprise if they know your local surgeon at home.

7.Personalized Service:

Most medical traveleres vouch for the genuine and excellent service that they receive from surgeons, nurses and other medical staff alike. The staff to patient ratio is low making high level of personal care possible.

8.Longer Hospital Stay:

One of the advantages of medical travel is you get to stay in the hospital for long without incurring hefty room charges. You can have a longer hospital stay than possible in your local hospital back home under the supervision of your surgeon and physical therapist.

9.Great Convenience:

Given the ease of international travel combined with low airfares, your life-changing surgery is just a flight away. Another convenience that you get is not having to leave the comforts of your home until the surgery is due. You can research all you want on the Internet about hospitals and surgeons, share your medical records online with them, book and plan your itinerary on the web, etc.

10.Travel Opportunities:

While the primary motivation for most customers is affordable surgery, the opportunity to visit exotic destinations is an additional draw for some. You can choose to have a relaxing recovery in a resort setting or if your surgeon allows you can even enjoy outdoor tourist attractions.


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  1. Thailand is becoming increasingly popular for breast augmentation and implants due to the expertise of the Thai plastic surgeons and the reduced costs.

    At the moment Breast implants in Thailand will cost around $4,000 and you can book full travel packages including accommodation for as little as $5,800 (May 2013).

    A lot of people are concerned about the quality of the hospitals, cleanliness and care in Thailand. Thailand is like any other country in the world, there are good and bad surgeons, world class hospitals to third world facilities. When choosing any surgery make sure you do your research, which can be very difficult when travelling to a foreign country. There are numerous Medical Tourism providers out there too that range in service and quality. You can find lots of information on the best companies on the forums.

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