Innovating Dental Crown Procedures with CEREC Technology

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CEREC dental crownsSince there is a separate procedure for the preliminary dental crown procedure and the actual fitting, it cannot be accomplished with just one visit to the dentist. For those who would want to skip the traditional steps, the new technology that allows for the creation and porcelain dental crowns and the fitting of the crown to the patient is now available.

What are dental crowns?

One can choose from materials like ceramic, metal, gold, or others, from which a dental crown can be fashioned from. Those who are suffering from chipped teeth, plaque-ridden teeth, or broken teeth should opt for using dental crowns. When a permanent tooth has been damaged, it is no longer a problem of aesthetics, because a dental crown can both preserve a damaged tooth and make it look good as new.

A normal procedure for dental crown operations requires the mold of the tooth to be taken and carved. There are three main steps involved during the first dental crown appointment: molding of the tooth, grinding down of the tooth, and preparing the mold for the production of the crown . After the initial visit, the dentist will have the patient wear a temporary cap until the porcelain crown is manufactured. The patient will then come back for another session after the porcelain dental crown has been shipped so that it can be implanted onto the patient’s tooth.

CEREC Dental Crowns Require Less Time

A physical representation of the tooth is no longer required with CEREC technology, so there is no need for the technician to take the time to recreate it. A layer of tasteless powder will be applied to the tooth in preparation for the impression. Computer-assisted technology has made it possible for the impression of the tooth and the creation of the dental crown to take place within hours.

Physical tooth impressions can take weeks to process,however, with the CEREC procedure, this extra time is eliminated.

There are fewer steps involved in the CEREC procedure, which makes it a better option for those who do not have the luxury of time. Now there is no reason to go back to the dentist after the first dental crown fitting, unless you are going for a checkup.

Tooth caps are no longer a problem for both the dentist or the patient because the CERECtechnology does not require the patient to go back another time after the tooth impression has been made. It is possible to replace the temporary tooth cap, but this would result in another trip to the dentist aside from the session for fitting the actual dental crown.

The CEREC ceramic crowns are durable even without metal components but it also requires skilled dentists to manipulate them and create natural-looking dental crowns.

Avoid further dangers and risks of injury or damage to your tooth with quick and efficient dental crown application with the CEREC state-of-the-art technology.

Source: Cosmetic Surgery Today