Breast Implant Trends Are Changing: Doctor


Trends in Miami often mirror what’s happening in Hollywood.

By Diana Gonzalez
NBC MIAMI       Friday, Nov 4, 2011  |  Updated 10:12 AM EDT


Trends in Miami often mirror what’s happening in Hollywood. 

She played Britney Spears and is a cheerleader on the hit TV show Glee, Heather Morris, 24,  recently told Fitness magazine she had her breast implants removed because her chest was always sore. Fashion icon Victoria Beckham also had her implant removed.  So did Sharon Osbourne.

Are doctors In Miami seeing an increase in women getting their implants removed?

Plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Craft of the Miami Institute for Age Management and Intervention says he is seeing an increase "in women removing their implants for cosmetic reasons.  Most of our patients are in their 30s and 40s and now, as they have matured, prefer a slim silhouette."
At Miami Plastic Surgery in Kendall, that is not the case.  But Dr. Michael Kelly says he recently did get a request from a woman who had enough.

"I have a patient I know who is in her 40s now who I don’t think her implants were done well in the first place, and they’re sitting too high and she’s a pretty big chested women and she said I don’t really need  the.  And she just wants to have them out," said Kelly.

It’s unlikely women will stop putting them in to begin with.  In fact in 2010 breast augmentation was the top cosmetic surgery procedure for women according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  Nearly 296,000 women got implants last year.  But celebrity role models are sending a message that they don’t have to stay in forever.