Why more men are getting cosmetic surgery to look good

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18 Jan 2012

By Mirror.co.uk

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It’s not just women who are desperate for perfection and with a 7% increase in men having cosmetic surgery, it’s a trend we should be keeping an eye on.

It’s not just women who are desperate for perfection and with a 7% increase in men having cosmetic surgery, it’s a trend we should be keeping an eye on. These guys know all about it..

Cosmetic procedures were once a woman’s domain – but not any more. More men than ever are tinkering with mother nature and celebrities, as you might expect, are leading the way.

Wayne Rooney and Louis Walsh have both had hair transplants, TV chef Gordon Ramsay had his chin done and tennis star Boris Becker recently had a facelift.

Male patients account for 10% of all ­cosmetic surgery ­procedures carried out in the UK, according to The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and the latest statistics show a further 7% rise in the number of men having work done.

Particularly popular operations include nose jobs and breast reduction surgery to take care of those unsightly “moobs”.

Here, four blokes who’ve had their share of nips and tucks explain why they defied tradition and decided to go under the knife…

Bar manager Scott Hamilton, 30, from Swinton, Greater Manchester, spent £4,000 on a nose job

Scott HamiltonScott Hamilton

I’d hated my nose all my life. It was too big and bumpy. I promised myself I’d get it fixed by the time I was 21 but couldn’t afford it. So, with my 30th birthday coming up, I decided that it was finally time to bite the bullet.

In January 2011 I made an appointment to see a consultant at the Transform Clinic in Wythenshawe. As soon as I heard I was a good candidate I wanted to go ahead.

A week after the consultation I was in hospital.  The procedure took about 90 minutes and involved lifting my septum and shaving some off, as well as making my nose smaller. I expected to be really bruised afterwards but ­I wasn’t at all.

I had the dressings removed a week after surgery and couldn’t believe how much smaller my nose was, although looking back it was actually very swollen and it took a good few weeks to settle right down.

I’m really pleased with it, though, and so glad I had it done. The whole thing cost me £3,950 and I’m paying for it on a finance plan.
I’ve got the bug now.

In October I went back and had some Botox. Maybe it’s vain but I don’t see why it should be any different for men than women. If you can afford to change something you don’t like, do it.

It’s been acceptable for women to enhance ­what nature gave them ­for too long. Now it’s ­our turn.


Businessman Alistair Reynette-James, 46, from Cirencester, Glos, spent £15,000 on stomach liposuction

Alistair Raynette-JamesAlistair Raynette-James

I’ve always been quite body confident but I found it frustrating that despite being a regular gym user and very fit I’d never ­had that ‘ripped’ six-pack stomach – the kind you see on models in men’s health magazines. No amount of sit-ups did it.

I have friends in Venezuela where, as in much of South America, cosmetic surgery for women and men is commonplace. I was talking to them about the work they’d had done and happened to mention my torso.

They said there was a relatively new procedure being performed by a surgeon called Dr Hoyos in Columbia that I might like.

I used Harley Street’s Landmark Clinic to organise the consultation. ­ Dr Hoyos explained that he would carefully strip fat from around the stomach muscles using a delicate form of liposuction to give my torso definition.

The operation would take four hours and I would have to wear a body suit for around a month after the operation.

I had the surgery in November 2010. It was very painful and I did question my logic, but within a month I was back in the gym and could see the difference that it made.

To complete the work I had several sessions of Med Contour body contouring – a new, non-surgical procedure that breaks down hard fat cells under the skin.

The surgery and treatments cost more than £15,000 but the end result is amazing and I’m absolutely thrilled.

My friends know I’m game for anything so none of this has surprised them. It’s done wonders for my self-esteem. I feel in proportion now. I don’t think I’ll have anything else done – but never ­say never.


IT consultant Shahid Din, 32, from Canary Wharf, East London, had a £5,500 hair transplant

Shahid DinShahid Din

I’ve always taken care ­of myself. In fact, it was using styling products, hair dye and straighteners that made my hair thin and patchy in the first place.

I started noticing it in 2005 so in 2006 I had a three-month course of laser surgery for £1,500. It did encourage some hair growth but over time – and after I stopped using the follow-up products – it started to thin again ­so I decided to shave ­my head. I wasn’t happy about it but I didn’t know what else to do. ­

Then, through someone I met at work, I heard about FUE hair transplant, which involves removing healthy hair follicles directly from the scalp and grafting them on ­ to the bald areas of the head.

I started doing some research and came across Dr Raghu Reddy ­at The Private Clinic at Harley Street. I had seen on the website that Ace from the ITV show Gladiators had taken part and had great results.

Although I was sceptical about it being a long-term solution, I called Dr Reddy, who gave me the names and numbers of some of his satisfied clients.

It cost around £5,500 in all but I decided to go for it. The operation took 10 hours and was uncomfortable ­but not painful ­and it was all worth it. The results were instantaneous.

There was a period where I lost some hair – all part of the hair’s natural cycle and very normal – but within six months it had grown back and I looked and felt 10 years younger.

Of course, male friends and colleagues gave me a bit of ribbing about it but the joke’s on them now they’ve seen the results. In fact, one of my mates might even have it done himself.


Darren Chalk, 43, a contract manager, from Hayes, Middlesex, spent £1,000 on a non-surgical facelift

Darren ChalkDarren Chalk

I’m the kind of guy who if ­I see an outfit in a shop window will go and buy the whole thing. I like looking good.

But years spent working as a scaffolder, out in all weathers and constantly glancing up at the sun had left me looking older than my years.

I contacted the Harley Medical Group and went for a consultation. I was ­advised to have a ­non-surgical facelift, which involves four weeks of Botox, microdermabrasion and filler treatment for less than £1,000.

It sounded absolutely perfect. I had the treatment in March 2011. None of it was painful, just a ­little uncomfortable. I had about 20 injections of Botox in my first session and could see the difference within a fortnight.

I could see the results of the microdermabrasion – where they took away layers of dead skin – almost instantly, and the fillers that plumped ­up my nose-to-mouth lines were an immediate success.

I’ll need a top-up in March. Friends and workmates gave me a really hard time and my girls thought ­­I was silly, but Alfie was intrigued. I no longer feel like their grandad on the school run and that’s worth every penny.